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Say No To Sky Rail Incorporation - No Sky Rail Frankston Line
Certificate of Incorporation No. A0095560C



No Sky Rail On Frankston Line Incorporated is : A non-political community group, also known as the No Sky Rail: Frankston Line Group.

As an incorporated group, No Sky Rail Frankston Line is opposed to proposals to remove level crossings with an elevated railway bridge (Sky Rail) along the Frankston railway line.


We Want For The Frankston Line:

Icon_Checkbox_Greentick Level Crossings Removed
Icon_Checkbox_Greentick The Rail Put UNDER Road

Icon_Checkbox_Greentick Respect For Local Residents
Icon_Checkbox_Greentick Reduced Noise Pollution

Icon_Checkbox_Greentick Proper Long-term Planning
Icon_Checkbox_Redcross    NO SKY RAIL

Our Mission

No Sky Rail: Frankston Line was formed as a community group in February 2016.
The group is opposed to the current state government plans to build an elevated railway structure (Sky Rail) on the Frankston train line.
We do support the removal of the level crossings along the Frankston railway. However, we believe these crossings should be removed by lowering the rail track below ground level and under the roadways.

No Sky Rail: Frankston Line is not aligned with any political party. Each of our members may have their own personal political views and these have no bearing on our common desire to stop the Sky Rail.
As a group, we do not support or oppose the Liberal Party, who currently oppose the “Sky Rail”.
Conversely, we do not support or oppose the Labor Party, who are proposing the “Sky Rail”.

Community Based
We are a community based group who have formed to oppose Sky Rail and believe we have a right to be properly consulted about major infrastructure projects that will impact our community.
Furthermore, we believe we have a right to determine the outcome of major infrastructure projects that impact our community.

Courtesy and Respect
No Sky Rail: Frankston Line is a group from all walks of life and we strongly believe in remaining polite and respectful and treating others as we expect to be treated.
Accordingly, No Sky Rail: Frankston Line does not endorse any individual using aggressive, demeaning, or other antisocial behaviour or tactics to communicate our group’s position regarding the Sky Rail.

LXRA Engagement
No Sky Rail: Frankston Line is committed to engaging with the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA), so that the concerns of the community are properly considered by the government body charged with removing the level crossings.