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Kananook Train Storage Facility LXRP are still denying a commitment to build stage 2 of the train stabling in Seaford. However No Skyrail Frankston Line made a freedom of information submission. The “ultimate facility” planning began 2016. We have the draft and are awaiting the final report. This is what the community has not been…

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Kananook Train Storage Facility Press release Dec 2019 Local MP reneges on promise of support for mitigation. Sonya Kilkenny is now towing the same line as LXRP. “There are no plans for stage 2 at the moment.” This is not strictly true.  The plans for the ultimate facility have been in the planning since 2016….

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Follow this link to find the agreements below (JAMBA) Japan has an agreement with Australia, Japan Australia Migratory Bird Agreement (JAMBA) to protect migratory birds The birds that Migrate between Japan to the ES Wetlands in danger of being impacted are the Sharp Tailed Sandpiper, Cattle Egret, Red Necked Stint, Curlew Sandpiper and Eastern…

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Sonya Kilkenny (MP for Carrum) Jacinta Allan (minister for Transport Infrastructure) : Daniel Andrews (Premier) : Richard Wynne (minister for Planning): Lily D’ambrosio (minister for the Environment) Melissa Horne (minister for Public Transport)    LXRA:

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Proposed Train Stabling in Seaford The facility will be running 22/7 with the noise of air compressed brakes as 24 trains are shunted around the facility to be parked, maintained or cleaned. It will be brightly lit all night. Light and noise will impact the health of residents in close proximity to the stabling yards….

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Did you know that the Proposed Train Stabling Facility in Seaford is only 870 metres from the wetlands which is listed in the Ramsar Convention. Birds migrate every year to these wetlands to reproduce. It is well documented that these birds are drawn to light ships and stadiums, as they migrate at night. This facility…

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Train Stabling Facility Information This facility is 75,000 square metres in area and will be operational 22 hours a day. Every time a train moves off the driver must sound the horn for safety reasons, it is designed to be alarming. It will house maintenance facilities, train washing machines plus stabling for 24 trains. It…