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Write To Your Elected Representatives

Write or email your local, state and federal politicians. Say ‘No’ to Sky Rail and ‘Yes’ to lowering the rail under the roads. Just cut and paste the MP’s email addresses below and write an email or use one of the sample letters below.

Your elected representatives look at how many of their constituents contact them when deciding to act on an issue.

The most relevant members of parliament for SkyRail are:

A complete list of all Victorian cabinet ministers’ contact details can be found on the Victorian Government’s website, here.

State District and State Region Members of Parliament

To look up contact details for your local State District and State Region Members of Parliament:
Step 1. Enter your address into the VEC Electorate Lookup tool, here, to find out your local representatives.
Step 2. Search their names on the Victorian Parliamentary directory website, here to get their contact details.

Local Council Representatives

Don’t forget your local councillors too. Whilst the Sky Rail issue will be settled at state government level, your local council is at the negotiating table with the LXRA, to argue the case for the bayside suburbs. It’s important that they know what the community wants.

Please write to all councillors at your local council, but particularly your ward councillors who are your direct elected representative on council.
To find your council and ward enter your address into the VEC Electorate Lookup tool, here.
Contact details for Kingston City councillors can be found here.
Contact details for Frankston City councillors can be found here.

Not Sure What To Write? Consider examples at the bottom of the page.

Some concerns you might include:
–     Elevated rail system through a residential area is inappropriate when rail-under-road IS possible.
–     Community members many kilometres away will be impacted by the visual pollution of the Sky Rail.
–     The visual and noise implications of an elevated rail carrying increasing rail traffic, including diesel V/Line and freight trains.
–     The increase in noise pollution, with rail noise extending over the house deeper and further into the community and homes.
–     Level crossings currently divide our community. Design of level crossing removal must bring the community together, not continue to divide community – a concrete monolith will divide, not unite. Cut and cover will provide linkages and open space.
–     Financial impact on property values, short and long term.
–     Overshadowing is a major concern, particularly south of the proposed Sky Rail.
–     What social impacts the dead space underneath an extended elevated railway will cause. (Vic Police refer to these as “hot spots.”)
–     Site for rubbish dumping and graffiti, and associated ongoing costs of its removal.
–     The increased impact of high winds during bad weather, on the efficiency and safety of the rail line, when raised above the shelter ground and other local structures.
–     The community, social and mental health issues associated with the overshadowing, noise pollution, graffiti, property values and other negative community impacts of the Sky Rail.
–     The Sky Rail option should be assessed as part of a full Environmental Effects Statement (EES) and balanced against the rail under road options.
–     Design of level crossing removals must not be decided on economics alone, but must involve long-term thinking – not just quick-fix solutions for political gain.
–     Why has the Government not released any studies regarding the impact of sound and the visual impact to the community?
–     An Environmental Effects Statement (EES) is imperative because the sound impact is likely to penetrate many kilometres and the community needs to be assured that elevated diesel exhaust fumes, which the World Health Organisation says are carcinogenic, will not create a hazard to human health. This can only be assessed through a full environmental impact assessment.


Sample letters below:

Letter to the Commissioner Lang

Letter to Daniel Andrews re Seaford Road Crossing

Frydenberg – Conservation study at Seaford crossing

Letter to the Politicians, August

Letter to The Planning Minister Hon Richard William Wynne

Microsoft_Word_doc_icon Sample letter to local council

Microsoft_Word_doc_icon Sample letter member of parliament

Community Open Day – Sunday, 17th April 2016


Sunday 17th April
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We all want the level crossings removed, but Sky Rail is not the only option.
The water table is NOT the problem! Our sandy soil is NOT an isssue!

Get the facts about:
The engineering solution to put the railway in a “cutting” below the road.
The health and social impacts if a Sky Rail is built.
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No Sky Rail: Frankston Line

RACV RoyalAuto Magazine – Special Feature

RoyalAuto_201604_CoverThe April issue of RoyalAuto Magazine is out now, including a special feature on the level crossing removal program.

The article does acknowledge opposition to the Victorian Government considering the Sky Rail to replace level crossings along sections of the Dandenong and Frankston rail corridors.

However, Paul Edwards (the author) appears to have done little investigation for this article beyond an interview with Mr Kevin Devlin, CEO of the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA). As a result, the ‘special feature’ in RoyalAuto magazine is little more than a propaganda puff piece for the LXRA.

RoyalAuto_201604_SR_Rail_DramaIf Paul Edwards had contacted any of the No Sky Rail community groups, for either the Dandenong or Frankston lines, they would have been only too pleased to offer their side of the story.

There is one statement in the magazine article that should be most worrying for residents living along the Frankston rail line.

“An added degree of difficulty attends the Frankston line. For a considerable distance it’s track runs on deep, sandy soil and across sensitive watercourses… which calls for specialist construction methods involving massive caissons driven deep into the ground to support the new structures.

Whether you find this article one sided or not, it is important to ask questions and consider all the information available. The full article can be found in this months edition of RoyalAuto magazine and online here.

RoyalAuto_201604_SR_Rail_Drama_PSPerhaps the editor for RoyalAuto magazine chose to let pictures tell the Sky Rail story, on behalf of residents on the Dandenong and Frankston line.

Within these pictures are many of the issues facing those that will have to live with the Sky Rail – Trains outside bedroom windows, towering concrete pylons above peoples homes, hiding places for antisocial behaviour, noise, dark shadows and graffiti.