Core Design Assumptions

May 22, 2016 Peter 2 comments

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Engineering_blueprint_480(See also Site Specific Assumptions in the Crossing Proposals pages, links below)

1. Number of existing rail lines in place - two on the Frankston line, and three at Cheltenham Station (per LXRA Consultation boards). We are unaware of any expansion plans for future additional lines at this time .
2. Railway power is supplied by catenary-style overhead wiring at 1500 volts DC
3. Gauge: 1,600 mm broad gauge.
4. Only those crossings nominated by LXRA will be grade separated – in other words those not  mentioned cannot be changed even if that might be a good engineering decision.
Those 11 crossings are:

- North Road in Ormond – Under Construction (Rail Under Road)
- McKinnon Road in McKinnon – Under Construction (Rail Under Road)
- Centre Road in Bentleigh – Under Construction (Rail Under Road)
- Charman Road, Cheltenham
- Balcombe Road, Mentone
- Edithvale Road, Edithvale
- Station Street/Bondi Road, Bonbeach
- Station Street, Carrum
- Eel Race Road, Carrum
- Seaford Road, Seaford
- Skye/Overton Road, Frankston

5. Track gradient is 2% maximum
6. Depth of excavation / height of ballast, track. Train and clearances: 6m
7. Width of excavation / space for two trains, separation, clearances (without platforms): 12m. (The width of the McKinnon road bridge is about 14m).

Design Assumptions

In Ground Design

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Say NO To Sky Rail (Skyrail) - Frankston Line - Engineering
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Say NO To Sky Rail (Skyrail) - Frankston Line - Engineering
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The Sky Rail

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2 Comments on “Core Design Assumptions

  1. I support the trench option in general. Consideration should be given to increasing the maximum rail track grade to shorten the trench, reduce the cost and to increase the number of options for pedestrian crossings. All that is needed would be an extra locomotive. Rail freight traffic is minimal and usually only during daytime so additional noise, if any, would be insignificant.

  2. Thank you for your contribution Bob. You are correct in that maximising the permissible grade lessens any rail trench length versus Elevated Rail.

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