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We've had a great team of health professionals join our community group. They bring years of experience in aged care, emergency and acute care and mental health.

The aim of our health team is to review the level crossing removal plans, considering the impact that the Sky Rail would have on the members of our bayside community.

We are always keen to broaden our health and community expertise. If you would like to join our team of experts, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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  • Health Impact of Elevated Rail
    See also: The Health Impact of Elevated Rail on Bayside Communities  –  A review of potential health impact for applying elevated rail options in the removal of level crossings along the Frankston rail line. – Submitted to LXRA in 2016. The World Health Organisation recommends ‘health in all policies’ which includes consideration of the health impact of large infrastructure projects on populations (Leppo, Ollila, Pena, Wismar, & Cook, 2013.) Academic literature shows that […]
  • Health Impacts of Sky Rail – Open Letter
    We are a group of health care professionals who live and work Bayside. We are nurses, occupational therapists, mental health experts, doctors, paramedics and midwives who strongly believe it is part of our role as health care professionals to advocate for the health of the entire bayside community. We are currently gathering information about the health impacts of the LXRA proposal for elevated rail. Preliminary findings indicate there is strong evidence that elevated rail will have a negative […]