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September 29, 2016 Peter 3 comments

Bonbeach & Carrum Level Crossings
Bondi Road, Carrum Station, Eel Race Road

Rail Under Road

Another 8 level crossings on the Frankston Line are due to be removed. Three have already been grade separated with a Rail Under Road solution: Ormond, Bentleigh and McKinnon. This article explains how the Bonbeach & Carrum level crossing removals can be Rail Under Road also.

UPDATE: The LXRA have updated their position. Current public proposals claim the Bon Beach and Carrum Sky Rail sections will be separated. This only means there will be a ramp down from Bon Beach and another ramp up before Carrum, creating a small reduction in visual impact for the residents in between the two ramps. However, this will do nothing to reduce other impacts, such as those caused by increased diesel noise propagation.


UPDATE: The LXRA have released their design proposal to the Carrum community. The proposal claims a Rail Under Road solution must descend to 8 metres below grade and that there is not enough distance to ramp down from the Patterson River.

The LXRA documents have not included any justification for claiming 8 metres depth, when the bridge clearance required by the governing standards is only 5.75 metres*. Even at 7 metres deep, the structure supporting the road crossing could be more than a metre thick! Further, more supporting thickness could be achieved with a minor rise in the road crossing height, without effecting any existing road infrastructure.

Without providing supporting evidence, we can only assume that the extra depth the LXRA are claiming for Rail Under Road is a misrepresentation to make Rail Under appear less desirable and justify their Sky Rail Only claim to the Carrum community.

[*Victorian Rail Industry Operators Group Standards (VRIOGS) 001 Section 7, Figure 2, Envelope F-V5, relating to bridges, retaining walls, piers and structures adjacent to and above tracks used for passenger and or/freight services, other than interstate freight services.]

Community Preferences

Low Traffic Count
• The Bondi Road rail crossing has never been considered dangerous or congested by local residents.
• Low traffic count suggests the only reason this crossing was included was as a means of getting an elevated railway (Sky Rail) over the Patterson River.

Extend Station Street
• Carrum residents and business owners have stated their priority is to see a bridge extending Station Street over Patterson River to join Bonbeach to Carrum.
• Extending Station Street over Patterson River eliminates the need to do anything with Bondi Road saving $250M to $300M and further relieve perceived congestion.

Rail Under Road at Carrum Station
• Rail Under Road at Carrum is a sensible way to remove congestion and improves the amenity of the area by allowing relocation of the current crossing to a logical alignment south of McLeod Road.

Eel Race Road
• Continue Rail Under Road cutting south of relocated Carrum Station under Eel Race Rd.• This would ensure both these major thoroughfares have their crossings removed.


Design Considerations

1. Ground Water
Groundwater levels are similar to current Rail Under Road sites (ie: Ormond) so not an issue.

2. Soil Type
Local soil type (which may or may not be Acid Sulfate Soils) has supported railway operation for over 100 years. Concrete mix can be adapted for all conditions.

3. Roadway Clearance
Only 6m clearance is required for Rail Under Road compared to 9m for Elevated Sky Rail.

4. Construction Method
Parallel construction utilising adjoining car parks similar to Springvale Rail Under Road.

5. Total Project Cost
Cheaper solution with $300m saving by not removing Bondi Road (local traffic can use extended Station St to access Carrum shopping centre).

Site Assumptions – Bondi Road, Bonbeach

Groundwater Depth: At least 6.5m below grade (Maybe lower).
(Source: Vic Govt Bore logs, www.vvg.org.au)
Soil Type: Coastal Dune Deposits (sand)
(Source: Victorian geology maps)
Traffic Volume: Low = 4,400 vehicles/day, 210 trains/day. Boom gates down for an average of 45 minutes from 7am to 9am (Source: LXRA community consultation information displays)

Site Assumptions – Station St, Carrum

Groundwater Depth: Approximately 5.5m below grade (Note: the pedestrian underpass is dry and many buildings have underground carparks).
(Source: Vic Govt Bore logs, www.vvg.org.au)
Soil Type: Coastal Dune Deposits (sand)
(Source: Victorian geology maps)
Traffic Volume: High, 11,800 vehicles/day, 210 trains/day. Boom gates down for an average of 49 minutes from 7am to 9am. (Source: LXRA community consultation information displays)
Other Factors: Minimum Right of Way = 23m. Distance from the river to the north side of McLeod/Thompson Rd is approximately 350m (allows 7 metre depth for rail under road). Distance from south side of McLeod/Thompson to Eel Race Road is 664m.

Site Assumptions – Eel Race Rd, Carrum

Groundwater Depth: Approximately 5m below grade (track level)
(Source: Vic Govt Bore logs, www.vvg.org.au)
Soil Type: Coastal Dune Deposits (sand)
(Source: Victorian geology maps)
Traffic Volume: Low, 5,500 vehicles/day, 210 trains/day. Boom gates down for an average of 21 minutes from 7am to 9am. (Source: LXRA community consultation information displays)
Other Factors: Minimum Right of Way = 23m. Kananook Creek 500 metres on the south side of Eel Race Road. Keep depth to 6 metres at Eel Race Road, so rail can return to grade in 300m, well before Kananook Creek.

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No Sky Rail Frankston Line - NSRFL - Sky Rail over beach community


3 Comments on “Fact Sheet – Bonbeach & Carrum

  1. Hello. With respect, I am not not on any side nor actively campaigning for either solution. Just wanted to point out some errors in the information on this page. It is stated above that ground water issues are not important, and that the Carrum site is similar to Ormond. This is not correct. Groundwater was not an issue at Ormond, hence the trench there is not a sealed “bathtub” type. Groundwater was an issue at Bentleigh and McKinnon, hence both of these trenches have sealed bases and walls. Also, all three are 20 to 30 metres above sea level, whereas Carrum is barely 5 metres above sea level and much closer to the ocean. Clearly, groundwater issues are not similar at Ormond versus Carrum. Also, the above picture is not accurate. It shows a distorted train line tilted over by about 30 degrees. Please try to be accurate. I respect your right to protest but don’t intentionally spread mis-information.
    Kind Regards,

    1. James, Ormond is a single span, sealed trench that ‘floats’ 200-300mm to accommodate changes in ground water levels….FACT.
      Springvale is built 1metre below the water table….FACT.
      Bentleigh & McKinnon are not 20-30 metres above sea level…..FACT.
      Carrum rail sits on top of a sand dune….FACT.
      The ocean has absolutely no bearing on trenching…..FACT
      In FACT you are incorrect in all your assertions.
      Please do not falsely accuse these people of spreading misinformation when clearly you are ill-informed on all counts.

  2. It seams that Bonbeach is being thrown to the wolves by having sky rail
    What is wrong with lowered line from any wear before Chelsea station and then the line rising to the same level as the present Patterson River rail bridge then lowering the line again after the bridge pushing back the Carrum station to the other side of Mcleod road
    This would also allow Mcleod road to go through to the HWY over the sunken station and platforms Then the line can go under Eel Race road as well Plus no one has said anything about the closer of the Mernda Ave Rail crossing Bonbeach why is this so
    Waiting for your reply

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