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Edithvale Road Level Crossing

Rail Under Road

Another 8 level crossings on the Frankston Line are due to be removed. Three have already been grade separated with a Rail Under Road solution: Ormond, Bentleigh and McKinnon. This article explains how Edithvale Road can be Rail Under Road also.

No Sky Rail Frankston Line - NSRFL - Edithvale Road Level Crossing


Design ConsiderationsNo Sky Rail Frankston Line - NSRFL - Edithvale Road Level Crossing

1. Rail Reserve
One lane of Station St and Nepean Hwy could be used to run a temporary rail line while existing track is lowered.

2. Ground Water
Groundwater levels are similar to current Rail Under Road sites (ie: Ormond) so not an issue.

3. Soil Type
Soil type (sand) can be supported with proper pile foundations, correct concrete mix, and soil anchors (as per Ormond).

4. Roadway Clearance
Only a 6 metre clearance is required to put Rail Under Road compared with 9 metres for Rail Over Road (aka Elevated Sky Rail).

5. High Voltage Power Line
High voltage power lines on both side of railway line will need to be relocated.

6. Wetlands Drainage
Local wetlands are fed by drains to the north-west and discharges north to Mordialloc Creek.

Site Assumptions

Groundwater Depth: Approximately 6m below grade (track level)
(Source: Vic Govt Bore logs, www.vvg.org.au)
Soil Type: Coastal Dune Deposits (sand)
(Source: Victorian geology maps)
Traffic Volume: High, 13,400 vehicles/day, 210 trains/day, Boom gates are down for an average of 42 minutes between 7am to 9am
(Source: LXRA community consultation information displays)
Other Factors: Minimum Right of Way = 20m

Rail Under Road – Advantages

Less Pollution
• Rail Under Road will also reduce, rather than increase, air-borne pollution.
• A rail line in a cutting will be much quieter than elevating it 9m in the air.
• Less visual pollution and less opportunity for graffiti

Retain Property Values
• Property values will be preserved or increased, rather than facing a 20% decline as predicted with Sky Rail, “elevated rail” or railway bridges

Less Council maintenance and increased rate revenue
• No extra cost to council for cleaning (graffiti, removing dumped rubbish, etc) under an elevated railway bridge if the crossings are put in cuttings
• No loss in rate revenue as property values will not decline

Lower Overall Project Cost
• Project costs can be cut by $150 million less for a Rail Under Road solution if you skip one crossing by extending Station Street across Patterson River

Legacy Solution
• A Rail Under Road option will be a proper long-term infrastructure solution that will increase the amenity of area and leave a lasting legacy that will not be an eye sore for generations to come.

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No Sky Rail Frankston Line - NSRFL - Sky Rail over beach community


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