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September 29, 2016 Peter 2 comments

Seaford Road Level Crossing

Rail Under Road

Another 8 level crossings on the Frankston Line are due to be removed. Three have already been grade separated with a Rail Under Road solution: Ormond, Bentleigh and McKinnon. This article explains how Seaford Road can be Rail Under Road also.

Design Considerations

1. Rail Reserve
• A 40m wide railway reserve allowing “parallel” construction, similar to new Springvale station.
• A rail trench can be constructed alongside the current rail line which can remain in use.
• This would cut rail closure to just a few days to dig under the road.
2. Ground Water
• Groundwater levels are similar to current Rail Under Road sites (ie: Ormond) so can be dealt with as per other Rail Under Road projects.
3. Soil Type
• Local soil type (which may or may not be Acid Sulfate Soils) has supported railway operation for over 100 years. A correct concrete mix can be adapted for all conditions.
• Soil type (sand) can be supported with proper pile foundations, correct concrete mix, and soil anchors (as per Ormond.)
4. Roadway Clearance
• Only a 6 metre clearance is required to put Rail Under Road compared with 9 metres for Rail Over Road (aka Elevated Sky Rail.)
5. High Voltage Power Line

Site Assumptions

Groundwater Depth: Could be as low as 4 to 5 metres below average ground level.
(Source: Vic Govt Bore logs, www.vvg.org.au)
Soil Type: Coastal Dune Deposits (sand)
(Source: Victorian geology maps)
Traffic Volume: High, 17,400 vehicles/day 210 trains/day. Boom Gates down for average of 32 mins between 7am and 9am. (Source: LXRA community consultation information displays)
Other Factors: Kananook Creek 200m to the west of the crossing.

Rail Under Road – Advantages

Less Pollution
• Rail Under Road will also reduce, rather than increase, air-borne pollution.
• A rail trench will be much quieter than elevating the rail 9 metres in the air.
• Less visual pollution and less opportunity for graffiti
Retain Property Values
• Property values will be preserved or increased, rather than facing a 20% decline as predicted with Sky Rail, “elevated rail” or railway bridges
Less Council maintenance and increased rate revenue
• No extra cost to council for cleaning (graffiti, removing dumped rubbish, etc) under an elevated railway bridge if the crossings are put in trenches.
• No loss in rate revenue as property values will not decline.
Legacy Solution
• A Rail Under Road option will be a proper long-term infrastructure solution that will increase the amenity of area and leave a lasting legacy that will not be an eye sore for generations to come.

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What would you prefer?

No Sky Rail Frankston Line - NSRFL - Springvale Station Design
Rail Under Road station at Springvale
No Sky Rail Frankston Line - NSRFL - Skyrail over Hawaii
Sky Rail under construction in Hawaii

2 Comments on “Fact Sheet – Seaford Road

  1. I would prefer rail over road to a height of 4 meters (less if the road level can be lowered) and it must provide for a third rail in the (near) future for goods and express trains. Crossings at stations would then be permanently closed (as was done with Beach Street Frankston).

    Between Box Hill and Ringwood it is rail under road and is ugly, there is no third rail!

    1. To Paul Morton. There has been NO 3rd rail for the Dandy line, future generations to deal with an already over used rail corridor. On the Frankston line that I live, I actually have advocated for Tunneling and widening for 3 to 4 rail wide for future proofing and also underground stabling. This way, land above can be used, further expansion and utilisation of tracks too to support express trains together with cargo trains with specifics. Also posted on MP Mark Dreyfuss page with utter silence!
      Rail over has a fair amount of health issues related to it for residents living close to it.

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