Freedom of information – Environmental studies

April 25, 2019 Peter No comments exist

We have recently put in an FOI submission to LXRP asking for the “diligent” environmental studies they claim to have done in regard to noise pollution, air pollution, migratory birds and light spill. They are building a large train stabling facility in Seaford which is near to residents (the closest being 170m away) and RAMSAR listed wetlands. As the ultimate facility will contain 24 trains, both light and heavy train washing facilities, a BIO pit, cleaning and maintenance facilities. Every time a train enters and leaves the facility the train must sound their horn (safety regs). This facility will be operational for 22 hours a day.

The reply we received from our submission was largely redacted including pre-construction noise monitoring, noise limits, noise contour plots and even the reasons why it was redacted apart from saying it was not in the public interest and would create ill informed debate, also that studies were ongoing so not available. However as construction of stage one has started why would the pre-construction monitoring be redacted? What are they hiding? Air pollution, light spill and the migratory birds in the w etlands were not addressed at all. We suspect that pre-construction noise studies will not be done until after stage one (only 6 trains) as EPA guidelines look at the increase in decibels from previous decibels. Stage one may very well be in the EPA guidelines and the increase from stage one to the completion of the ultimate facility will be within their guidelines. However the comparison between now and the finish of the ultimate facility may be outside the EPA guidelines hence the redaction of pre-construction noise studies. The facility will be in a small, light industrial zone which is at present service and retail outlets.


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