Geodetic survey of Seaford crossing

July 26, 2017 Moira Harbour No comments exist

Please see the recent surveying results taken from Railway Pde, RF Miles Reserve and the Railway line in Seaford.

The surveying has shown what we already know, a rail-under solution is perfectly feasible at Seaford Rd and what you have been led to believe by the LXRA has been blown far out of proportion to justify the second rate solution they are trying to impose on our Suburb.

From this surveying data we have been able to create a 3D model of the landscape with the RF Miles Reserve, Railway Pde, Seaford Rd and the Train-line all included.

We can now see that the kilometre long bath tub analogy they have beaten like a dead horse is a complete lie, see for yourself.

Its no wonder LXRA would never provide any of the designs in section view as it would be plain as day the basis of their arguments were not factual but in fact just propaganda

This information has been given to the LXRA at a meeting with the NSRFL committee, they have agreed to review it, we will be actively seeking a follow up meeting to discuss the outcome of this review.

We have not given up on Seaford and are still fighting this, more to come in the following weeks. Don’t give up people, stay strong. This is far to important.It’s not over until it is under.

Based on this data, please see proposed solution for Seaford

AHD = “Australian Height Datum”

a standard point of reference that all surveying data is related back to, all LXRA documentation regarding Seaford Rd is referenced from the AHD as-well

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