Health Impacts of Sky Rail – Open Letter

March 29, 2016 wpopp No comments exist

We are a group of health care professionals who live and work Bayside. We are nurses, occupational therapists, mental health experts, doctors, paramedics and midwives who strongly believe it is part of our role as health care professionals to advocate for the health of the entire bayside community.

We are currently gathering information about the health impacts of the LXRA proposal for elevated rail. Preliminary findings indicate there is strong evidence that elevated rail will have a negative impact on health.  This is due to increased noise, over-shadowing and reduced open green space. Furthermore, harmful brake waste and exhaust will be carried over large distances when trains are elevated. These negative health impacts will affect your family, your children and your neighbours, as well as local schools, aged care facilities and businesses.

Right now the health team are drafting an open letter to all stakeholders including the LXRA, local and federal government representatives and council authorities to draw attention to the potential negative health impact of the proposed Sky Rail. We will demand a response to each point of concern and we also demand an independent health impact assessment of any plan before it goes to tender.

How can you help? If you are health care professional and are interested in joining our team we would welcome your input. Please respond via the link below to let us know what you do within the health field and how you would like to help.

Alternatively, if you would like to co-sign our open letter as a health care professional, or know a health care professional who might, we would appreciate your support.

All signatures will strengthen our case and protect the health and well-being of our bayside community.

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