How To Help

Official Parliamentary Petition

Sign our official parliamentary petition to be submitted to the Legislative Assembly.

This is the most important form of petition and is the only type that the Government is 'required' to recognise and table in the parliament.

All Victorian citizens enrolled to vote, are entitled to register their objection to the Sky Rail by signing this petition.

Download the petition here

Signed petitions can be returned to:
Say NO To Sky Rail Inc
PO Box 2037
Edithvale 3196

Add your name to the list of fellow community members standing up for a better Bayside, by signing the petition to say 'No' to Sky Rail.

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Join Our Facebook Page

Join the discussion with other community members, on our facebook page.

Keep up to date with the latest information on the campaign to Say 'NO' to Sky Rail.

You can view and join our Facebook page here.


Write To Your Politicians

Write or email your local, state and federal politicians. Say 'No' to Sky Rail and 'Yes' to lowering the rail under the roads.

Your elected representatives look at how many of their constituents contact them when deciding to act on an issue.

Details about how to write to your elected representatives, including email addresses, can be found here.


Join The Team

'Say NO To Sky Rail Incorporated' is a not for profit association, formed to give people in the community the opportunity to join a formal, incorporated organisation that will be able to represent all who are concerned about the impact of the planned Skyrail on the Frankston rail line.

We are always looking for extra volunteers that can help with anything from technical input, to collecting petition signatures and delivering leaflets. Every house and street counts.

We encourage you to become a member of Say NO To Sky Rail Inc, so that you can be kept up to date and add your voice.

If you would like to become a member, please contact us here.

Say NO To Sky Rail (Skyrail) - No Sky Rail Franskton Line - Signs and Stickers

Put Up A Sign

If you live in a suburb along the Frankston rail line, the Sky Rail may impact you and your neighbours. Please show your support for the group by displaying one of our 'No Sky Rail' posters, banners or car window stickers.
Contact us to get a posters, banners, stickers or t-shirts.

You can doNSRFL_Man_with_Bannerwnload our poster, here (PDF File) and print it home yourself or take it to a printer such as Officeworks.

Power Of A Red Ribbon

Spread the No Sky Rail message accross our suburbs by tying a red ribbon to the front of your house, letterbox or around your trees.

  • Say NO To Sky Rail (Skyrail) - No Sky Rail Franskton Line - T-Shirts

Donate to the No Sky Rail (Skyrail) on Frankston Line Group at

Help Us Cover The Costs

'Say No To Sky Rail Incorporated' is a not for profit organisation.

Our members and supporters are local residents that are self funding the cost of raising awareness and developing positive alternatives to Sky Rail.

With your help, donations large or small will contribute to printing flyers & posters,  managing our online resources and hosting free community events, to reach as many Bayside residents as possible.

Online donations can made safely through the secure GiveNow website. Donate here.

GiveNow is an initiative of the Our Community Foundation, a not-for-givenowbutton2profit established through the financial support of Our Community, and is supported by Westpac. You can find out more about GiveNow here and about the Our Community Group here.

If you are an individual or a business that might be able to support us with funds or services, please contact us, here.