How to search for planning amendments

February 7, 2019 Peter No comments exist

The Kananook (Seaford) Stabling facility documents that are of most interest are available direct here;,-July-2017.PDF

Read page 2 in particular.

To find more documents got to :

select Amendments

search for ‘frankston c117’

select “view details” for the C117 Frankston amendment.

Amendment C117 Frankston Planning Scheme will popup

goto the bottom of the popup

select “view more details and documents”

A new section will drop down

move down and you will see a full list of documents

in the incorporated documents area you will be able to select the:

‘Kananook Train Storage Facility Project, Incorporated Document July 2017’

in the section called supporting document, clauses and schedules in track changes format you will be able to select the document labelled:

‘Frankston C117 Reasons for Intervention Approval Gazetted.doc’

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