Leaflet Drive this week

March 25, 2016 wpopp No comments exist
    • Now that we have a bit of breathing space we are getting out and about and talking to residents… This involves dropping leaflets off at homes in a designated area, and then returning a day or two later to talk to the residents. We find this a much more effective way of getting our message across, and over 80% (yes, 8 out of 10) people are signing our petition and joining our cause. (15% are indifferent and about 5% pro Sky Rail).
    • We need to get as many people as possible to sign the petition and join our group so we can send a strong message to the government that we DO NOT WANT SKY RAIL! (remove the level crossings but putting them in a cutting under the road)
    • But this takes effort.. and time.. so we need more help… if you want to stop Sky Rail and put the level crossings below the roads into a cutting (not a tunnel and not a trench!) we need your help.
    • Can you spare a couple of hours over Easter? Or over the next week or two?  We want to reach out to people before the LXRA start house visits in April… (yes, next week!)
    • If you can help, please contact us via our email or leave a note below. We will then contact you and give you everything you need to get your neighbours on board.
      1. Leaflets,
      2. Map of your area
      3. Clipboard with Petition
      4. Other information about our group and the Sky Rail proposal
      5. Even chocolate Easter eggs to keep you going!

So please check out our website, and Facebook page, grab some leaflets and let everybody know why Sky Rail is a bad idea!

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