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February 26, 2020 Moira Harbour No comments exist

Kananook Train Storage Facility

LXRP are still denying a commitment to build stage 2 of the train stabling in Seaford. However No Skyrail Frankston Line made a freedom of information submission. The “ultimate facility” planning began 2016. We have the draft and are awaiting the final report. This is what the community has not been told

The site is 4 times bigger than the MCG (75,000 sq. metres.) and will store 24 trains.

Operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Every time a train leaves the facility it must test its horn, brakes and idle for five minutes.

2 outside train washes, operating 12 hours a day. A train wash road, tanks and equipment rooms.

Whilst a train is being cleaned internally 2 air conditioners will operate per carriage.

A maintenance facility with noisy pneumatic tools, 2 internal roads, air con and extractor fans.

Air conditioning will also operate in the staff amenities, admin and two substations.

Two trucks will idle for 15 mins whilst they are being unloaded by 2 forklifts 12 hours a day.

The Victorian Government Public Rail Infrastructure Noise Policy (PRINP) states that Transport Bodies and Planning Authorities need NOT have regard to this policy if it is an “existing passenger rail infrastructure.”

LXRP have decided that the Kananook Train Storage Facility is existing infrastructure!

There are no plans to buffer the noise included in the draft report. Some predicted measurements were in excess of 85db. If the PRINP applied, this would trigger an investigation into noise mitigation.

Our engineer advises us, as No Rail Infrastructure Exists on the proposed site, the storage facility is in fact a new installation and should therefore be subject to the PRINP.

This will be a noisy, busy 24/7 facility in beautiful Seaside Seaford. We want protection from the noise we are entitled to under the PRINP.

We want the maintenance facility, train washes, internal cleaning, equipment rooms and tanks to be enclosed in a building such as recently built Craigieburn Train Storage Facility.

We want the whole facility to be enclosed with walls to buffer the sound such as the walls they build along freeways.

Email our local member She believes the facility will be built but has made no commitment to support measures to buffer the noise. Request the facility be enclosed.

Recruit another person to write an email and ask them to do the same. Talk about it with your neighbours. Most people are unaware of what lays ahead. Silence is perceived as consent.

Moira Harbour  Seaford Planning and Action Team   

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