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Elevated rail bridges will significantly overshadow homes. The impact of reduced sunlight on mental
health is well supported in the literature (Halpern, 2013). Multiple studies assert that a lack of natural light increases the risk of mental health issues including depression and anxiety (Edwards & Torcellini, 2002.) Overshadowing of homes and a reduction of open sky reduces our sense of space, access to natural light and enjoyment of our outdoor environment.

Please find a simulation of the shadow cast by a single 11 m high pole at the crossing Seaford Road. You need to mentally move the shadow along the train line, to see how much of Seaford will be in shadow earlier.

The simulation is based on an 11 meter structure which would be the Skyrail and the train but doesn’t include the additional over head infrastructure.

The 11m tall Skyrail would cast a minimum 212 meter long shadow at 4:45 pm on 23rd June 2017, please follow the link below and check this for yourselves.


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