Press Release December 2019

December 16, 2019 Moira Harbour No comments exist

Kananook Train Storage Facility Press release Dec 2019

Local MP reneges on promise of support for mitigation.

Sonya Kilkenny is now towing the same line as LXRP. “There are no plans for stage 2 at the moment.” This is not strictly true.  The plans for the ultimate facility have been in the planning since 2016.

What we didn’t know before: It will operate 24/7. Air conditioning units will run continuously. Both Train Washes will be outside and operate 12 hours a day. Trains will power up for 15 minutes, before leaving the facility. Trains will have to test their brakes every time they leave the facility. Two forklifts will operate 6 hours a day. Another substation is to be built in addition to the new one they have just built. There will be no mitigation for stage one or two.

What we already knew: The site is 75,000 square metres. It will stable 24 trains and service many more in off peak times. Trains will test their horns every time a train leaves the facility. There will be a maintenance facility on site. There will be a light train wash and a bio hazard train wash. Trains will be cleaned internally. The Wetlands are 870 metres away and the closest resident is 170 metres away. There is a primary school just down the road from the facility. Seven businesses are being displaced.

Can you imagine the cacophony of sounds? Early morning, late at night, all day!!! Seaford Residents If you’re not happy about this please email Sonya. and lay out your concerns, ask for mitigation. They build Klms of sound proofing along the freeways. How is this different? Recruit one other person to write an email. Your voices need to be heard, silence is perceived as consent.

We are always looking for community members who wish to volunteer for the Seaford Planning Action group NSRFL. If you want to stand up for our beautiful suburb email  and we will contact you.

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