Seaford Rd Rail Under Solution

July 17, 2017 Moira Harbour 1 comment

LXRA claims Seaford rail under road option is not feasible, as it will require a railway trench -a “kilometre long bath tub” analogy. This is not true!

Please check Geodetic survey at Seaford rd crossing.

The designs below have been created by our engineering team to show how a Rail Under Road solution would work at the Seaford Rd level crossing.

Cross section of Rail Under Road solution under Seaford Road

A Rail Under Road solution would have the railway line lowered under Seaford Road.
This is similar to other Rail Under Road solutions such as at Darebin Road on the Hurstbridge line as shown below

Rail under at Darebin

Our solution would have the Railway level with the Rf Miles Reserve by Johnstone St:

Cross section at Johnston st

Sky Rail proposal will decimate your neighbourhood

Hybrid skyrail

The tracks for Sky Rail will be 7 metres above Railway Pde and 8 metres higher than RF Miles Reserve
The wiring and overhead gantry will be up to 17 metres high

  • Sky Rail will tower over all nearby housing, overshadowing them during the day.
  • Noise will travel across rooftops for miles around.
  • Pollution from the freight trains will be caught on the sea breezes and become airborne.
  • The total structure will be 17 metres high. This is the same as a 5-story office building.

Save our businesses and 100 local jobs

The relocation of the railway sidings from Carrum to Seaford will destroy 7 local businesses with the loss of over 100 Seaford jobs. None of the businesses have been issued a notice of acquisition. This is a short-term solution as new sidings will eventually be built at Baxter.

Keep Eel Race Road Open with RUR

There is also great concern about the closure of Eel Race Road as this will drive traffic north to McLeod Road or south to Armstrongs Road. We want Eel Race Road to remain open with the
railway line lowered below the road as it should be at every other crossing on the Frankston Line. We need to push for a RUR solution to avoid an extended Sky Rail from Carrum all the way through Seaford to Frankston

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