Seaford Rally Day

July 16, 2017 Moira Harbour No comments exist

Say No to Sky Rail
Seaford Rally Day

Seaford Community Centre
Sunday 23rd July
This event had a wonderful turnout of residents. It was also attended by Frankston Councillors, 7 News and The Herald Sun.


* Guest Speakers *

Introductions Willem Popp
Who we are
Neil McCarthy = NSRFL Seaford Team
Seaford Update
Engineering ==== Paul Porter & Sean Wise
Rail Under Road option for Seaford
Eel Race Road = Fiona Tellesson
Local concerns
LOTI – Catherine Pendelich
Experiences of Dandenong Line Residents
FCC Rep – Glenn Aitken
FCC Rep – Quinn McCormack
Neil McCarthy = NSRFL Seaford
What community can do, next steps

We oppose:
1. The “Hybrid” Sky Rail that will divide our seaside community
This will scar our seaside landscape forever, creating overshadowing across neighbouring
The Sky Rail will throw noise across the suburb and allow carcinogenic diesel particulates
to spread to homes and schools.
2. The closure of seven local businesses
Seven Seaford businesses will be closed with the loss of over 100 jobs to make way for the
relocation of the Carrum sidings.
This is a short-term move until the sidings are moved to Baxter.
3. The closure of Eel Race Road
The ridiculous closure of Eel Race Road has had no community consultation.
This will put extreme traffic pressure on Railway Parade, Armstrongs Road, Mcleod Road and Nepean Highway.
How long before the Carrum Sky Rail is extended over Eel Race Road and on to Seaford Road?

Rail under Road CAN be achieved at Seaford Road. There is NO NEED to
relocate the Carrum sidings to Seaford. Eel Race Road must remain OPEN
with Rail under Road at Carrum.

What can you do?

Bring your friends and family to our RALLY

Show your community support

Our local member Sonya Kilkenny said:
“The Community has spoken …
… and I am committed to removing the level crossing at Seaford Road”
However the LXRA’s own figures show that over 97% of Seaford
residents want the level crossing removed by Rail Under Road.

Your actions determine the future of Seaford
Act now before it’s too late!

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