Seaford Train Stabling Facts

April 15, 2018 Moira Harbour 6 comments

Train Stabling Facility Information

This facility is 75,000 square metres in area and will be operational 22 hours a day.

Every time a train moves off the driver must sound the horn for safety reasons, it is designed to be alarming.

It will house maintenance facilities, train washing machines plus stabling for 24 trains.

It will be a busy noisy work site using heavy machinery and trains will be shunted day and night to be cleaned, maintained and stabled.

There will be bright lighting all night.

It will Remove 7 businesses from our suburb including Page Bros & Seaford Panels.

At a cost of 200 direct & indirect local jobs.

$187 million = Approx $1 million per job (plus acquisition costs.)

$36 million per in anticipated lost income per annum out of our suburb.

Up to 24 trains to be stabled nightly in our suburb (replacing 6 from Carrum.)

The proposed facility is 870 metres from a site of “international significance” the Ramsar listed Edithvale Seaford Wetlands.

It will impact on threatened and critically endangered bird life, into & out of the protected Seaford Wetlands (see birds and light studies.)

Health complications for the community due to noise and artificial light at night.

All COULD & SHOULD be going to Baxter where there is already land set aside for this facility!

They are already destroying our community with their unwanted, unnecessary & unproven elevated rail and the Train Stabling in Seaford. We can stop this & save our suburb.

The Project does not need to proceed on that site at Seaford. There is a viable alternative at Baxter. Even the Level Crossings Removal Authority recognises that the long term solution is Baxter.

This may be less convenient for the Government in it’s desire to rush this project through but it is not essential that they do it on that site.

6 Comments on “Seaford Train Stabling Facts

  1. I am disappointed that the placement of the train stabling facility in Seaford is proposed. The government should use the state’s good economic position to electrify the line to Baxter and stable the trains where they were originally planned to be stabled. The population growth of the peninsula surely justifies upgrades to the line. As to the proposed Seaford location, although parts of the area are ‘light industrial’ there is also a small residential community that shouldn’t have to live next door to such a noisy neighbor! Martha and Marion Street, Wells and Raymond Rd and Bayside Grove are all likely to experience negative impacts from the stabling facility being located in the proposed area. Why don’t council’s zoning laws prevent this?

  2. Yes Cate
    In total agreement with you. I’d encourage you to email our State members and Josh Frydenberg, the Minister for Energy and the Environment. You will find sample emails on this site. The reason the Council Zoning Laws don’t apply is because they have been cut out of the decision making process. This is unusual as Council always have a say in what gets built in the City of Frankston. However the State Government is using bully tactics to just push this through. However they did not count on our strong community spirit. We must continue to make our voice heard. Share what you know with your neighbours, friends and family.
    Moira Harbour

  3. Where are you getting your facts on the train storage facility? Particularly about the amount of trains being stored.

    1. Hi Daniel
      Thanks for your enquiry. If you go to the LXRA site that information is there.
      regards Moira Harbour
      NSRFL Secretary

  4. Hi Bob
    If you go to the LXRA site you will find they are going to ultimately stable 24 trains, it will be built in stages. LXRA have told me that it will be operational until one hour after the last service and commence again one hour before the first service, this is a 15 minute non operational window.They have already removed vegetation which will house those 6 trains so they can start the Carrum Skyrail. Please have a good look at their site and ask questions.
    regards Moira Harbour
    Secretary NSRFL

  5. Cate and Moira are absolutely on track with all of their comments. Such a waste of public money and total disregard for what the local community wants and the effect on the environment, namely Seaford wetlands and neighbouring housing. It’s not as if there is not a viable alternative without causing all this disruption to local businesses and loss of employment and distress to local residents.

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