Visual bulk and impact

August 1, 2017 Moira Harbour 2 comments

You don’t need many words to describe Skyrail or “Hybrid Solution”. It’s huge, enormous. It’s out of proportion. It’s height will dwarf the entire neighbourhood. The ugly, massive concrete pylons aren’t pretty and will inevitably be covered with graffiti.
There is a document, issued from the “Office of Victorian Government Architect”  called  “Level Crossing Removals – Lessons Learned” – Click here to view. The document states: “An elevated road or rail structure will have a significant physical presence and impact on a place and is typically not a preferred solution. New elevated structures, including ramps and retaining walls, can impact on visual amenity, permeability, the viability of activity areas, the value of land and appetite for future private development. They often provide a cheaper solution but a poorer outcome and therefore a false economy.”

So the government admits Skyrail is not a preferred solution. So why push it on Seaford and Carrum? We know rail under road can be built here.

Hybrid skyrail

2 Comments on “Visual bulk and impact

  1. The reason Skyrail is being built is because Labor know the people want crossings removed and they just see it as a way to cash in and over build using their own contractors, how long has Clayton taken so far compared to Springvale which was done much quicker.

  2. In Clayton there is a roadway separating the sky rail but where you have where you have this thing butted
    against your property is a joke, however its always the bottom line when it comes to this scale of expenditure
    labor or liberal. nbn broadband is a good example . The dynamics look the same and when you consider we can’t handle the truth so we’ll do a little perception deception. Sorry I don’t think our voting is going to change much in the grand scheme of things.

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